Gardening Workday

Our next workday Saturday, November 26, 2016: 9 am – 12 noon. Come out and show the Conservatory some TLC. Under supervision of RPD gardeners. Thanks to loyal Friend Sally Ross for keeping an eye on the weeds and coordinating workdays. Refreshments Served.

Plant Signage is coming to the Conservatory! Now when you spy a favorite plant in the Conservatory garden, you will be able to identify it right then and there. Thanks again for Sally Ross for spearheading this project.  

Photo: Conservatory Median Project. Enjoy the eye-candy in front of the Conservatory (200 block of Monterey between Baden + Congo). We are indebted to Friend Andrea O’Leary for the vision to beautify the Conservatory Median. Plantings include euphorbia, carex, phormium (flax), and a few aeonium. Funding + Partners: DPW.

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