Kudos to the Friends! Here’s a sampling of the “high fives” the Conservatory and Friends have received along the way.

Wonderful feature article by Rachel Gordon that coincided with Grand Re-Opening on December 5, 2009.

Video of Mayor Gavin Newsom lauding the project and Friends advocacy at the Grand Re-Opening Ribbon Cutting.

A great radio interview and piece by Margie Shafer on KCBS Radio on the day of the grand re-opening.

Award for Best Historical Restoration Under $5 Million by the American Public Works Association (Northern California Chapter, 11 counties).

Article in SF Chronicle (February 2009) early on in the construction process.

Article by Gail Bensinger on the construction-in-progress in the Spring 2009 issue of Glen Park News.

Bonnee Walstein’s article on the Conservatory’s vibrant 1st Year Post-Renovation in the Spring 2010 Glen Park News. Bonnee wrote a lovely blog post on our 2010 Valentine Card Party and a blog post on the May 2011 Aurora Mandolin Concert. She also crafted a wonderful feature on out 2011 San Francisco Beautiful Award.

Jason Dewees’s (of the Palm Broker) blog post on the historic palm grove in the Conservatory garden.

Informative press release by the San Francisco Arts Commission on the Sunnyside Menagerie sculptures by the artist team Wowhaus and artist Scott Constable’s blog of Wowhaus’s creation of the Menagerie.

We’re thrilled too to see the Conservatory featured in a vibrant Flickr stream and small local blogs—folks inspired to share their find with others. See, for example, post of a local traveler coming upon the Conservatory at dusk; a post on the Conservatory’s succulents; a photo essay on the gardens; a post by the Sunnyside Herald; and a weekend field-trip to the garden.

Here’s a one-minute video featuring the interior of the Conservatory on Opening Day (to view on a mobile phone, click here). Video by outsidelands.

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