Accordion Babes Jam

A Vivacious Jam by the Accordion Babes: Sweet Penny Royals, Renee de la Prade, Luz Gaxiola and Circus Finelli, Rhubarb Whiskey + Joan Wilson Reuter.

A don’t-missevent by women who take the traditional “Squeeze Box” instrument in unique ways ( Here’s a radio interview of Accordion Babe Roxanne Oliva talking with Co-Chair Arnold Levine on the Tommy’s Holiday Camp Radio Show.

Listen to their October 1, 2010, Live @ Sunnyside Conservatory Concert. Check out this video of Renee de la Prade performing around San Francisco. Video by davidspark.

Featured Post Photo of Renee de la Prade: Tolka Rover. Published from Flickr via Creative Commons License.

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